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Trouble Zone Toner Workout

Everyone has that one body part they wish they could get rid of or change. But before we tackle that challenge, I’d like you to take a second and think about the one part of your body that you really love. Maybe it’s your sculpted shoulders, strong back, slim legs or bright smile. Got it? OK, good. Nobody’s perfect, but we all strive to be our best. Just keep that in mind while you reach for your goals, whether it’s a flat tummy or a super six-pack. First things first: Targeted fat loss is a myth. You have to work your entire body in order burn fat, build muscle and change or improve your overall physique. But I can help! This workout is designed to target your triceps, abs, glutes and thighs. An almost full-body workout, this is an excellent choice for a quick and effective addition to your regular workout routine. To read more click here!