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The Right Way to Add Rowing to Your Training Regime

Everyone should row. And everyone can row. This is a fact my boat club’s champions beautifully demonstrate. The members of Molesey Boat Club stretch from 14 to 84, and their fastest rowers stand top of Olympic podiums. Not everyone is tall and, I assure you, not all can row a sub-6 minute 2k. But we all share a passion for the sport and the movement.

Rowing uses almost every muscle in the body, burns more calories a minute than any other gym-based movement and, when you train it correctly, can develop strength, power, and endurance all at once. In my opinion, no training regime for any sport is complete without it.

But finding great speed and mastering the movement requires correct and deliberate practice. Better practice leads to greater improvements, which lead to a deeper obsession with the movement, and so the cycle continues. One of the biggest challenges is knowing how to use rowing to make your training most effective.

Here are a few steps to successfully introduce rowing into your training regime.

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