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The 30-Minute Yoga Flow That’ll Make Your Butt Burn Like a Mother

Nothing can Netflix and chill as well as your glutes. Seriously. When we sit on our butts all day, our glutes (the muscles that make up your butt) have the luxury of being fast asleep. But in order to keep your glutes strong and firing properly when you are off the couch, wake them up with a quick 30-minute workout like this one.

You may not immediately think of yoga as the go-to exercise for glute activation, but this flow will definitely get your buns burning—in the best way. Yoga instructor Julie Montagu gives clear verbal cues on how to engage those major muscles and where you should feel it, so you’re not awkwardly wondering if you’re doing this right. Trust us, the people who’ve done this workout are raving about it. All you need is a yoga mat; then hit play to get started.

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