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5 Different Types Of Squash + Delicious Ways To Eat Them

It’s fall. In the food world this means everything suddenly gets flavored with pumpkin. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin yogurt and ice cream. I love pumpkin, but pumpkin is also a type of squash. And honestly, I love squash more. Don’t you?

The beauty behind this veggie is that it tastes delicious, can take on multiple flavor profiles, and is filled with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and easily adapts to sweet or savory.

There are so many types to choose from, too, whether you’re into kabocha (pronounced kah-BOH-chah) because you just love saying it out loud, delicata because of its delicate and sweet nature, butternut because you’re a traditionalist, or spaghetti squash because you’re G-free but love a mean pasta.

Whichever one is your favorite, I’ve got your covered with recipe ideas.

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Machines Still Build Muscles

In an industry that is all about three-dimensional, “functional” movement aimed at achieving maximum crossover to movement quality and performance, have we actually forgotten that fixed-resistance machines still have some value?

This isn’t another fixed machines versus free weights article. That’s pretty much been done to death. This article purely aims to re-ignite your passion for using fixed-form machines for one very specific goal: building muscle.

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Can Diet Soda Help You Lose Weight?

Diet soda seems an ideal drinking choice when trying to lose weight. It tastes almost as good as regular soda, but contains zero calories. But doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Aren’t there any downsides? In this article I explain how the body reacts to sugar and to sweeteners from diet soda. Then I investigate whether diet soda indeed makes losing weight easier, by looking at how it influences hunger and eating behavior. Soon, you’ll know whether you can enjoy that can of diet pop during weight loss, or whether you’re better off leaving it in the fridge.

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10 Things You Need To Know Today (October 20)

1. Having a hard time resisting that cookie jar? Get rid of it.

If you’ve ever struggled with weak willpower (who hasn’t?) you might want to pay attention to this one. According to new research, the key to stopping yourself from doing that thing you know you shouldn’t do is to avoid it altogether. In other words, if you don’t want to eat a bunch of candy every day, don’t keep it in your house. It’s that simple.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dining Out and Not Blowing Your Diet

By now, you know how to track what you eat and effectively lose fat. There’s plenty of quality scientific information out there on the subject.

Most of you will find yourselves weighing out food and using measuring cups, a digital scale, and while this allows for consistent and predictable results, there’s always going to be a level of uncertainty when you dine out. You can’t accurately measure the portion sizes or be 100% certain of the ingredients that are being used.

For many, the solution you create is to just avoid going out to eat altogether. The fear of blowing your diet overpowers any desire to socialize with friends and family. 

That’s the safe choice, but it’s also unsustainable in the long-term.


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The Full-Body Playground Workout

Think your neighborhood playground is just for kids? Think again! Monkey bars, swings, and a park bench can easily become all you need for an effective total-body workout.

Balance is key for this routine, says Greatist Expert and trainer Jonathan Angelilli, who appears in the photos below. He suggests monitoring how hard you’re working on a scale of one to 10 (one being the easiest, 10 the hardest). At the end of each set, beginners should feel between a seven to eight. Those at an intermediate-level should feel around an eight or nine.

With that in mind, grab a pair of sneakers, plenty of water, and head to your nearest playground.

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5 Common Mistakes When Doing A Proper Squat

Can you do a bodyweight squat? Great! Now, can you do a PROPER bodyweight squat?

Right now you’re asking, “What’s the difference, Steve you weirdo?!” Today I’m gonna drop some bodyweight squat knowledge bombs on you. Don’t worry, they don’t hurt! Instead, they’ll make your body feel good, and you’ll say: “OOHHHHHHHH, that’s what a squat is!”

Like other basic movements like the pull-up and push-up, most people think they know what a bodyweight squat is, and they think they’re doing them right… but are they? Judging by the people in my gym, 80%+ of people are actually making some major mistakes in their squat, making the movement inefficient at best and dangerous at worst! If you have any interest in ever being able to do a barbell squat, you need to first nail the mechanics for a proper body weight squat.

We got you covered:

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15 Health Benefits of Eating Apples

Many of us forget that sometimes, the simplest answers are the best. Better health could be as easy as reaching for the fruit bowl for some apples next time you need a snack.

What makes apples so great?

In 2004, USDA scientists investigated over 100 foods to measure their antioxidant concentration per serving size. Two apples’Red Delicious and Granny Smith’ranked 12th and 13th respectively. Antioxidants are disease-fighting compounds. Scientists believe these compounds help prevent and repair oxidation damage that happens during normal cell activity. Apples are also full of a fiber called pectin’a medium-sized apple contains about 4 grams of fiber. Pectin is classed as a soluble, fermentable and viscous fiber, a combination that gives it a huge list of health benefits.

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Work Out At Home, At the Office, Or Anywhere You Want: How to Get Started With Bodyweight Training Today!

Today you take your first steps towards becoming a ninja/jedi/assassin/superhero, without needing to step foot in a gym.

Interested? Of course you are! That’s 4 amazing things all combined into a nerd mecha-robot.

Here’s the deal: It doesn’t matter if you’re a 300-pound guy who wants to lose weight and get back in the dating scene; it doesn’t matter if you’re a mom of three who wants to drop a little fat and gain a little muscle; it doesn’t matter if you’re an in-shape twenty-something who’s just looking for a new workout challenge.

Right now — right in front of you— are all the tools you need to get into amazing shape and live a healthier, happier life.

So…just where the heck are these tools? Check the mirror! Seriously go look in the mirror.

Did you go look? That’s okay if you didn’t. But keep reading….

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The 4 Avocado Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

As much as eating avocado toast and guacamole will never get old, it’s always fun to discover new ways to add this ingredient to your daily diet. Here are a few ideas from one avocado-loving chef:

1. You’ve run out of your traditional smoothie ingredients; avocado to the rescue!

Have you ever had avocado for breakfast or dessert? In countries like Brazil and Vietnam, avocado shakes or smoothies are all the rage…..


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Pilates-Inspired Bodyweight Moves You Can Do Anywhere PIN IT SHARE

We’re all about finding a workout that fits—whether that’s rowing, lifting kettlebells, or mastering Pilates. Andrea Speir, Pilates instructor and Women’s Health‘s Next Fitness Star finalist, believes the same thing.

“You have to do something that is fun for you—something you love,” Speir says.

Growing up as a competitive dancer, Speir first tried Pilates as physical therapy after a knee injury sidelined her. “It was always the method that got me feeling great again, and I really enjoyed it because it made me so much stronger,” she says.

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11 Easy Exercises You Can Do at Work

No time to exercise because you’re too busy at work? That’s no excuse at all. The problem is simply how we think about our bodies—we’re one person at work, another at home, another at the gym, etc. In fact, we tend to compartmentalize our identity and thus our day by functions, but if you get into the the habit of combining functions, you can get a lot more done. Take exercise. There are lots of ways to combine small but targeted exercise at work with actually doing work that can make a big impact on both your physical and mental health. Short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching can help improve your fitness levels and heart health. And studies have shown that even a short break of physical activity can improve your concentration and performance.

The trick is knowing which exercises you can do “on the sly” in your office. Of course, there are some people who aren’t embarrassed at all to break into jumping jacks in the hallway. And there’s also lunchtime when you could go for a brisk walk or climb stairs. But if you’re looking for something a bit more, well, modest, here are 11 ways you can actually exercise at work on a busy day without anybody even raising an eyebrow!

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