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Willpower: What’s Sugar Got to Do With It?

Temptation is everywhere. It starts with your alarm clock — that dreaded blare begging you to hit the snooze button yet again. It joins you at the cafe, where the sight of chocolate-dipped pastries reduces your vigor for the veggie omelet you’d planned on eating. Then at work, it strikes again when an online sale or Twitter feed lures you from a pressing, although monotonous, computer task.

Many people believe that whether or not you give into temptation boils down to one thing: willpower.

Renowned social psychologist Roy Baumeister has spent more than a decade researching issues related to self-control. Some of his most recent findings, featured in his book “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength,” demonstrate a strong link between willpower, self-control and glucose, or sugar — your body’s and brain’s main dietary fuel source.

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