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What To Say When People Undermine Your Healthy Choices

Ever asked for salad dressing on the side at a restaurant and been scoffed at by friends at the table? Teased  by your family for willingly waking up early on vacation to fit in a run? Or maybe you’re the one who “ruins it for everyone” by saying no to another round of drinks? Yeah. We’ve been there. Sticking to healthy habits can be hard, so it definitely doesn’t help when your commitment is met with jabs from your own personal peanut gallery. And while we all have sassy comebacks up our sleeves, responding to negativity with negativity is not the smartest tactic. Not only will it get you and your naysayers nowhere, but it could end up causing more resentment, even damaging relationships. And it’ll definitely kill the vibe at brunch. It’s important to remember that most of these critiques are a result of people who are misinformed but well intentioned—or feeling insecure or disappointed about their own health-related decisions. First, pause to consider whether they could have a point. All healthy lifestyles need balance. But assuming your choices are sound, you should stick to your guns with grace. With the help of our trusty network of experts, we’re offering up some alternative, sensible, and much more productive ways to fend off that unwelcome flak in almost any situation. To read more click here!