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The Ultimate Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

They may look like cast iron doorstops, but kettlebells are meant for anything but lying around. Case in point: studies show that training with kettlebells yields pretty incredible improvements (up to 70 percent!) in aerobic capacity, balance, strength, and explosive power. The best part? You don’t have to be a pro athlete to experience these kick-butt benefits. With that in mind, we turned to Greatist expert Rob Sulavar, a trainer, coach, and the founder of Bandana Training, for a routine that will help you feel comfortable using a kettlebell—all while delivering a head-to-toe workout. You’ll perform a strength move (in which your movement is slow and controlled) and then a power move (in which your movement is explosive—without sacrificing proper form), taking little rest before moving on to the next pair of exercises. Since the power exercises can be challenging for beginners, Sulaver suggests sticking to a lighter weight until you master the movements. Once you’re familiar with with each movement, you can start using heavier kettlebells. You’ll know you’re using the proper weight for each movement when you can complete each of the reps and rounds with good form, but feel like you can’t perform additional reps once you’ve finished the workout. To read more click here!