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The Secret to Getting Muscle Definition

In my 20s, I wasn’t what you’d call a “hard body.” Despite seven childhood years as a gymnast, despite dancing in an acrobatic company after college, despite working out ALL THE TIME, I couldn’t achieve muscle definition no matter what I did. In addition to lackluster physical results, as a professional dancer I struggled with the same functional challenges that plagued me as a young gymnast. I was flexible, but not strong. I was fearless, but not fleet of foot. I possessed grace, guts and gumption, but lacked power, explosiveness and energy! I eventually resigned myself to the notion that I must not have the body type that could get chiseled, that it simply wasn’t possible for me to become a more dynamic dancer. I bought into the belief that this was “as good as it gets.” My journey of transformation began when one of the dancers in my company herniated a disc in his lower back and began practicing Pilates to strengthen his core. Over six weeks, I witnessed his body change dramatically in shape and function, and he was pain-free after just a few sessions! Whatever this guy was doing, I wanted to try it. What happened next was a miracle. Each step in my journey revealed the power we all posses to transform ourselves, inside and out. To read more click here!