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The Five Day Diet: How to Live Fit & Have Fun!

I still remember the first day of my college econ class: The professor scribbled “TANSTAAFL” on the blackboard. The acronym stood for a basic tenet of macroeconomics: “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” This wasn’t a reference to the free meal my friends had bought me two weeks back for my birthday, but rather an admission that everything comes with a cost. Those free miles you get with your credit card purchase mean you had to buy something—you had to earn them. They’re not really free! To that end, if you want to lead a balanced life that includes hard training and clean nutrition alongside some cheats, treats, and fun on the weekends, you need to start thinking about earning your right to eat foods that are normally off-limits. If you train hard, be it in the gym or with some form of cardio, you earn the right to cheat a little. Train harder and you earn an even greater margin of indulgent food choices. Skip your workouts altogether, and you can’t redeem anything! To read more click here!