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Look Like a Bad A** After the Age 40

On the morning of my 40th birthday, I saw a TV commercial targeted at men my age. Of course, it didn’t look like a commercial at first; it could have passed for a government-issued public service announcement. The commercial warned about the perils of “low T,” aka low testosterone, as if hitting the big four-oh was doomsday for your manhood. I could have been frightened or offended, but I realized that the purpose of the commercial was simply to sell me a product. With ads like these becoming more common and better-produced all the time, it’s no wonder so many Americans over 40 assume they have no choice but to deteriorate with age. But you do have a choice—and more than that, you have an opportunity. Ask anyone who has successfully achieved the best shape of their life after the age of 40, and they’ll tell you it’s more satisfying than it ever was at age 30. Yet it’s also trickier to achieve. To read more click here!