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Lame Excuses For Not Strength Training & How to Stop Making Them

Strength training is a necessary component of a well-rounded exercise program. For some, however, strutting into the weight room can be a little intimidating. The good news is there are many options to fit anyone’s needs. Incorporating strength training into your exercise routine will provide countless benefits. For starters, it’ll target the big muscles that power you throughout the day, making normal activities easier and less taxing. These muscles will protect your body from unpredictable movements such as slips and falls. As a functional chiropractor, I focus on evaluating and treating overuse injuries. Strength training is a necessary component of this process, but it’s often overlooked or actively ignored, even by the most health-conscious people out there. Here are the most common concerns that I hear from patients who don’t strength train, and why you should throw the excuses out the window and add it into your routine: To read more click here!