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How to Stop Binge Eating

If you’ve ever been through a physical transformation, your get-fit story probably goes a little something like this: In an effort to improve your health, lose some body fat, and sculpt muscle, you started to eat better and exercise. You wanted to look good and feel great, so you made some changes to your nutrition habits. It started off with some simple changes, like reducing the amount of junk food you ate and drinking more water. After a few weeks, you started achieving results. It was working! To ensure you kept losing fat, you began to read more information about nutrition, how to get leaner, and how to build more muscle. What you read helped you understand your aesthetic potential. So, you restricted your calories, tracked everything you ate, and even eliminated entire food groups. You made every effort possible to eat only clean foods. Sometimes, you had a cheat meal, but only if it was scheduled. And so on. Many people can keep things moving in this positive direction, and they’re able to stay healthy and fit for the rest of their lives. Others, however, like myself, struggle to maintain balance, and begin to have problems with disordered eating. To read more click here!