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How Four Letters Can Spell Your Fitness Success

Take a moment to imagine this frustrating and, unfortunately, extremely common scenario: You bust your ass in the gym nearly every day, and you never miss a beat in your weekly workouts. High-intensity interval training, 5-mile runs, 4-day splits, CrossFit—you name it, you’ve tried it. Eight weeks pass and, for all your time and effort, you barely have anything to show for it—no PR numbers to brag about, and no awesome changes in the mirror. If this sounds like you, there’s no reason to fear. In my experience, a lack of any visible progress is due to a few controllable factors. People who aren’t adapting physically often:

  • Work out too few or too many days
  • Exercise with the wrong or inconsistent intensity
  • Give little regard to the actual exercises they perform
  • Do the wrong exercises for their goals

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