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Date Night: 25 Nerdy and Fit Date Ideas

Date night!

Maybe you used 20 seconds of courage and talked to a stranger. Maybe you got introduced to a friend of a friend and you’re ready to hang out with them. Or maybe somebody is babysitting the kids and you got a night alone with your wife/husband/self aware operating system.


After all, many people are here on Nerd Fitness because they want to look better and feel better about themselves, and hopefully find that special someone.

I love it.

Regardless of whether it’s your FIRST date, or the 1,000th date with your spouse of 20+ years, here are some options for fun dates that don’t involve drinking and dinner, or sitting on your butt  in a movie theater. Of course, there is a time and place for those dates as well, but at Nerd Fitness we felt our role was to give you nerdy and fit date ideas so everybody wins. Or, in Michael Scott’s opinion: win win win.

Here are 25 kickbutt date ideas that are nerdy, fit, and sure to introduce something different into your life. We’ve ranked each date idea on a scale from 1-3 on nerdiness, fit factor, and cost.


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Outside of being downright delicious, carbohydrates do serve an important role in day-to-day nutrition, and especially so with competitive athletes.

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of strength coach, Travis Hansen. If you happened to miss the first two installments of this article series, please check them out HERE and HERE.

Right now, I’m going to jump right into things and discuss five more final reasons why any team sport or explosive based athlete requires carbohydrates in order to optimize their performance and physique


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The Case Against Minimalism: When It’s Good to Want More

Here’s what I want to admit even though it feels uncomfortable: I want a big life. I want greatness. I want big impact.

I’m done lessening my desire. Simplicity sounds like something I should want. But honestly? I want my life to be stunningly, crazily, stupidly complex.

I too have yearned for a simpler existence, a metaphorical cabin in the woods away from the pressures of modern life. I have downsized and minimized both my physical and emotional needs.

But I look at greatness and I wonder if the greatest thinkers and innovators would have amassed their influence had they tampered down their desire, their ambition, their hunger for something larger than simple pleasures.

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5 Overlooked Training Tips for Glorious Glutes

Glutes are in vogue right now, there’s no denying that. Whether it’s the Kardashian effect, an increase in the desire for athletic bodies, or an acceptance and appreciation for other body types, the results are in: people want bigger butts.

As a New York City trainer to everyone from youth athletes to world-famous actors, let me assure you that these days, most of my clients want a big, round booty capped by some glorious glutes.

This is fantastic, because not only does it mean that society is changing in a way that pulls further from the once-common marginalization of the beautiful, curvy figures typically associated with non-white women, it’s also a step towards appreciating the athleticism that big a booty bring.

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7 Savvy Practices of Olympic Winners That You Can Use

I’m kind of obsessed with the habits of elite runners.

In my wildest dreams I don’t desire to compete with them. Except once in a dream where Kara, Shalane and I ran hand in hand through a finish line bursting into dance afterwards {yes dance!}….but that’s besides the point!

I know these athletes are doing little things which could help our running beyond just looking at track workouts!

A few examples of what I’ve found that we can learn from outside their workouts:

  • Meb’s post run routine (which I totally try to do)
  • Mantra’s used by elite runners (um yes I use them, see snapchat!)
  • Benefits of thinking like an elite runner

I can’t believe Rio is finally here! I’m beyond excited to watch the opening ceremonies and then yes I have full plans to run on my treadmill during the Women and Men’s marathons!! (total run nerd and I’m fine with that)


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7 Reasons to Never Miss a Friday Workout

TGIF, time to take a rest day, right? Except, well, that’d be a mistake. Rounding out your week with a hefty dose of sweat can provide a boatload of health benefits.

We know what you’re thinking — you’ve already shown up to do a Monday workout. But here are six reasons you shouldn’t dismiss that Friday sweat sesh. Trust us, you’ll want to load up on those cardio-induced endorphins before the weekend.


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Get Fit with Pokemon GO! (Seriously)

So what exactly is this hype about catching ’em all?

I don’t know about you, but walking to work, around my neighborhood, or running errands doesn’t elicit much excitement. Pokémon Go has turned walking around our communities into a half scavenger hunt, half RPG game that is incredibly engaging.

Players use their phones to hunt and search for digital creatures (Pokémon). The rub is that you actually have to physically get out and walk around to find these creatures. Think of it like virtual birdwatching, and you’re halfway there. Whereas most video games keep us inside and sedentary, Pokémon Go integrates a physical and social dynamic.

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The Yoga Routine Runners Swear By

Even when we’re out jogging to escape our overly hectic schedules, the moment we stop, we are racing against the clock of them.

It’s so much easier to finish a run and just move on with the day. Forgetting (whether it’s an accident or on purpose) to stretch will, over time, be detrimental to your body.

Sometimes, we just don’t have time.


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Indoor Cardio Calorie Crusher Workout

Mother Nature isn’t always the best workout partner, sending extreme heat, freezing cold, and pouring rains without any heads up.

Avoid a weather mishap—and treadmill monotony—with a fun, indoor cardio routine done in the comfort of your living room.


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Hotel Room Workout

Staying in a couple hotels last weekend inspired me to come up with this quiet workout that is perfect for a hotel room. There isn’t any jumping involved, so if you’re on an upper floor, you don’t have to worry about the people below you being bothered. This also works great if you live in a dorm room or an apartment.

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Transform Your Mindset To Transform Your Body

This article is for those who have been told that you need to stop running because running is bad for your knees, and for those of you that have been told that you need to take it easy because your favorite sport is too “high impact”, and for those of you who have been told that your hip pain is due to old age. Consider for a moment that maybe your ailments are not due to wear and tear, or old age. Use the mindset check assignment at the end of this article to begin to explore new ways of thinking that empower healing and freedom within your body.

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