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11 Easy Exercises You Can Do at Work

No time to exercise because you’re too busy at work? That’s no excuse at all. The problem is simply how we think about our bodies—we’re one person at work, another at home, another at the gym, etc. In fact, we tend to compartmentalize our identity and thus our day by functions, but if you get into the the habit of combining functions, you can get a lot more done. Take exercise. There are lots of ways to combine small but targeted exercise at work with actually doing work that can make a big impact on both your physical and mental health. Short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching can help improve your fitness levels and heart health. And studies have shown that even a short break of physical activity can improve your concentration and performance.

The trick is knowing which exercises you can do “on the sly” in your office. Of course, there are some people who aren’t embarrassed at all to break into jumping jacks in the hallway. And there’s also lunchtime when you could go for a brisk walk or climb stairs. But if you’re looking for something a bit more, well, modest, here are 11 ways you can actually exercise at work on a busy day without anybody even raising an eyebrow!

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Why Tension is The Missing Ingredient for Maximum Gains

Getting stronger seems simple: pick up something heavy, put it down, add weight, and then pick it up again.

But there’s a lot more that goes into it than that.

Developing maximum strength and muscle is as much of an art as it is a science.

Part of that is initiating a proper setup and maintaining good form, but one of the most overlooked and forgotten aspects of this iscreating and maintaining tension.

What Exactly is Tension?

While there’s a lot that goes into building muscle and getting stronger, tension is the driving force behind everything.

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The Men’s Fitness Industry Is Missing Out on the Body-Positivity Movement. And It Sucks

It’s hard to argue men can ever experience more difficulty than women, but let’s talk a little bit about male empowerment. There’s something lacking in men’s fitness writing: insecurity. Women’s content seems to have it in spades, but believe me, that’s a good thing. Finding self-love through weightlifting is something I just never hear male trainers discuss.

I’m not saying that female fitness writers are insecure, at least, not more than anyone else. What I’m saying is that when they write, they connect with their audience by recognizing their vulnerabilities, fears, and shortcomings. The most popular women’s blogs acknowledge insecurity; they commune with it; and they frame strength training not as a way to find validation, or perfection, or a body worth loving, but instead as a way to honor and love their bodies. And finding self-love through weightlifting is something I just never hear male trainers discuss.

This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about:

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A Sneaky Full-Body Workout That’s a Lot Harder Than It Looks

Ever see a full-body workout on paper and think, “Hey, that doesn’t look that hard … ”

Well, famous last words, my friends.

I swear, sometimes when it comes to workouts, the more simple the WOD looks, the more challenging it is. I certainly know that’s the case with this full-body workout I recently did at The Fit Pit. I mean, none of the rep counts are that high. The row is just 200 meters each time you do it, and there are just three rounds of the circuit.

Again, famous last words.

This whole thing took me just over 20 minutes and I was SWEATING. Believe me, the meters on the rower really add up quickly — as do all of those pull-ups, kettlebell swings and burpees!


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A Shoulder-Opening Sequence For Cooling Down After Your Toughest Workouts

Todd McCullough (TMAC) is the founder of TMAC FITNESS. TMAC FITNESS’s mission is to assist in creating a culture that is conscious of the body and the world in which we live. Check out his mindbodygreen class, Total Body Workout: How to Strengthen Your Core, Tone Your Arms & Improve Your Flexibility.

Working out hard is important, but cooling down and recovering is equally important. Here, I show you how to do bridge pose and full wheel correctly because you need to take good care of your back and shoulders.

Check out my core cool down routine below.

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Swim-Based Endurance for All Athletes

The swimming workouts are designed for those whose swimming skills are bringing the rest of their game down. If you’re a CrossFitter or triathlete, it’s no longer acceptable if your swimming isn’t up to par.

Swimming can also be used to condition all the systems of the body for endurance without beating it up the way some other modes of exercise can.

Note: Distances are in yards.


Week 1…

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