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8 Laws of Glute Training

It’s official: Buns are the new guns. Well, maybe it’s notofficial, but there’s no doubt that glute training is getting more popular all the time. We’ve (almost) gotten to the point where any man or woman can hip-thrust a heavy barbell in the gym without fear of anyone thinking they’re a weirdo. Here’s hoping these become the gluteal glory days! After all, if there’s one muscle group that deserves to be made a priority, it’s the glutes. Without a doubt, a strong butt makes you stronger and safer in the gym, as well as more capable in life. It helps protect your lower back from injury, while putting everyone else’s neck at risk as they turn their head to watch you walk by. And yes, this applies to both men and women. Everyone deserves a great butt! If you’re tired of squirming around on a pair of pancakes during long movies, or if you’re just wondering what my favorite glute-blasting exercises are, read on. Adding some focused glute work to your program may be the best thing you do for your body this year! To read more click more!