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7 Tips to Rekindle Your Fitness Relationship!

You know how on Facebook you sometimes see “it’s complicated” under relationship status? That’s how fitness is for many people. It’s as if, somewhere in your heart, you know you want to be with fitness forever, but it can drive you gaga with all the ups and downs you have to deal with in the “relationship.” You and fitness might hit the rocks from a lack of excitement, stress, or very little reward for what you put in. Each of these could very well lead you to take a break and do your own thing. Everyone feels this way at some point—unhappy or less motivated about their fitness and health. I’ve fallen out of love with fitness more times than I care to admit, but that’s just life. The daily grind can interfere with health goals, our well-meaning friends and family members can keep us from achieving certain physique goals, and one errant cookie can make you fall to the Dark Side. Thankfully, it’s a lot less complicated than you’d imagine to revive a stale or inert fitness relationship. Start implementing at least one of these seven actions into your daily life to rekindle an old flame! To read more click here!