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4 Forgotten Muscle Building Carbs

Article Summary:

  • Quinoa is an excellent carbohydrate source that’s higher in protein than both rice and oats.
  • Barley has a rich, nut-like flavor to it and can easily be used to replace rice in most dishes.
  • Perogies consist of dough rounds that are filled with a variety of stuffing variations.

If you’re looking to start seriously putting on the lean muscle mass this winter, it’s time to revamp your diet and make sure it’s where it needs to be to make this goal a reality. Far too many individuals overlook critical aspects of their diet that could wind up costing them pounds of muscle they should have built. If you get both the diet and workout combination right, you’ll find your results skyrocket because you have everything working in your favor. While protein will definitely be an absolute requirement to build lean muscle mass, the second thing that needs to be in place is a good carbohydrate source. Carbohydrates will provide the energy that’s required to generate the lean muscle mass, taking your results up a level. To read more click here!