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15 Laws of Leg Training

If you were driving from San Diego to San Francisco, following a direct route straight up would get you there fastest, Southern California traffic notwithstanding. Sure, you could take alternate routes, checking out the gambling halls in Vegas, taking in the vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Yosemite, panning for gold in the foothills east of Sacramento, or even taking the meandering but scenic coastal route, but none of those routes are as direct, and they would add days to your travel. Similarly, bodybuilders looking to add mass want a plan that leads to the fastest gains possible without extended delays. They don’t do just any workout; they follow ones that intuitively make the most sense for building size. They don’t avoid exercises that are hard; they select the best ones that can pack on mass. And they don’t pick just any weight; they choose their load based on what optimally builds size. Like the traveler, if you want to gain muscle, it makes sense to choose the most direct route possible when you’re looking to gain muscle. There are certainly other less-direct paths you can take, but why be content with suboptimal results that require even more time to achieve? Of course, getting there as fast as possible means giving nothing short of a hundred percent. You can follow the world’s greatest workout program loaded with the best mass-building exercises, but if you approach it with half-assed effort, you’ll get only half-assed results. What are the key tips, techniques, exercises, and insiders’ advice when it comes to leg training? We sought the expertise of Australian pro bodybuilder Calum von Moger, 24, winner of the 2014 Mr. Universe and Team Cellucor athlete. Here are the most critical tips you should heed on leg day. Check out the list below carefully, and incorporate the advice into your routine. To read more click here!