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12 Reasons to Start Training with Kettlebells

Chip Smith remembers the first time he saw athletes training with kettlebells. It was 1987, and the young American trainer was studying at the Soviet Sports Institute. Smith thought kettlebells were poor man’s dumbbells, until the Russians — who used kettlebells of 16, 24 and 32 kilograms (35, 53 and 71 pounds, respectively) — showed him otherwise. “Unlike dumbbells, the weight of the kettlebell is centered in the middle of the ball, giving you a completely different feel from a dumbbell,” says Smith, who trained hundreds of athletes for the NFL scouting combine. “Any movement that can be done with an Olympic bar or dumbbell can be done with kettlebells.” If you’ve not yet incorporated this dynamic training tool into your workout, read on to find out why you should. To read more click here!