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10 Kick Ass Moves To Train Like A Champion

Along with peanut butter and jelly, mixed martial arts(MMA for short) is proof positive awesome things happen when worlds collide. MMA takes different fighting disciplines — boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, you name it — and combines them into an unpredictable combat system. Contenders can mix and match elements from literally any martial art on Earth, and the result is a tough, intense sport and a kick-ass workout. “The best shape you can be in is fighting shape,” says Fran Fontan, an MMA trainer at Body Space Fitness in New York City. Which makes sense, considering how MMA fighters train to survive three five-minute rounds of non-stop, full-body attacks from people who want nothing more than to beat them into submission. To go the distance, they have to be in peak condition: panther-like speed, incredible stamina, and serious strength. Even for those of us with no intention of stepping into the ring, MMA-style training can be a terrific addition to any fitness regime. Apart from the physical rewards that come from practicing MMA, training for the sport has loads of other benefits, too. According to Ryan Parsons, an MMA trainer and owner of Radius Sports Management, it’s also great for teaching humility and how to stay calm under pressure. Here, Parsons and Fontan share some of the exercises they turn when they train fighters and non-fighters alike. Consider this the road map to a knockout body. To read more click here!