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Spice Up Your Workout With These 6 Jump Rope Tricks

When I say jumping rope is an amazing workout, I really mean jumping rope is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G workout! And bottom line, there aren’t a ton of do-it-anywhere workouts that can easily torch 10+ calories a minute and get your body into phenomenal shape like jumping rope can. Plus, jumping rope is fun! That said, if your routine consists of endless bunny hops, jumping rope can get a little boring — the epitome of fitness blasphemy in my book! Here’s a tip: When it comes to starting a fitness journey and even more importantly, maintaining an active lifestyle, you should take special care in picking physical activities and workouts you enjoy. That strategy alone is key to guaranteeing that you reach your goals. So for all you little jump rope bunny-hoppers out there, here are six simple tricks to spice up your next jump rope workout. These will make your routine much more fun, engaging and will help ramp up calorie burn. To read more click here!