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Resolutions Should Be Simple & Attainable. Here’s How To Succeed At Yours

The New Year has become a time of resolutions, making new commitments and letting go of poor habits. It’s a time to self-reflect and try again to create a better version of ourselves. We all begin a new year with the best intentions to stay on track, but so many of us have a falling out with our resolutions and eventually settle back into our old routines. In 2014, the number one New Years Resolution was no surprise: to Lose Weight. Fitness, health and diet top the charts every single year, yet so few of us stick with it. Every January, gym membership sales sky rocket and then almost just as quickly, fall off a cliff. Avoid the cliff this coming year. Think more deeply and realistically about how you’d like to improve your health and fitness levels. If you aren’t someone who enjoys the gym, don’t go to one. A gym membership is not the only way to get fit. And depriving yourself of your favorite food isn’t the only way to lose weight. The reason resolutions fail is because we aren’t mentally prepared to take on the task at hand and we don’t allow ourselves the time to adjust. To read more click here!