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How To Beat The New Year’s Resolution Illusion


Chances are that quite a few of us might have taken full advantage of the holidays by indulging just a wee bit more than what we should have. “Don’t worry,” we mumbled between bites of Grandma’s Christmas cookies. “Come Jan. 1, I’ll never touch these treats again!” Now, Jan. 1 has come and gone and we’re still brushing crumbs off our chests.

Weight loss, undeniably the most popular of New Year’s resolutions, is also one of the most elusive. Each year, millions embark on the seemingly never-ending quest for those fabled six-pack abs. And each year millions are crushed to find that crash diets don’t work in the long run.

Unfortunately, it’s the same with so many other behavior patterns.

The most common New Year’s resolutions include those made by smokers vowing to quit cold turkey, shopping addicts swearing to whittle their frivolous spending from tens of thousands of dollars to zero, and sedentary folks suddenly attempting to exercise for upwards of 10 hours a week.

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