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How I Got Fitter By Exercising Less

These days it feels like we’re faced with a barrage of competing messages — Exercise five times every day! Never exercise! Only exercise on weekends! — and it’s hard to know which ones to listen to. It’s become a goal of mine lately to wrap my head around the science of it all, to really understand the benefits exercise can have on our minds and bodies, and to encourage people to do what’s right for them even if it means backing off a little. To be gentle on their bodies. To actually enjoy exercise and not use it as a torture device. I should tell you that I used to do a LOT of exercise. I competed in 24-hour mountain bike races. I ran 6 miles to-and-from work every day. I went for 3-hour bush runs on weekends. I brought first dates to the gym and could beat my boyfriends in arm wrestling matches. I thought I was doing it right. Despite this “active” lifestyle, I found myself feeling wiped out more often than I was energized. To read more click here!