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Fix Your 9 Biggest Training Mistakes

One of the most entertaining aspects of having a smart phone in the gym is capturing the goofball who has no idea what he’s doing while exercising, and then posting his antics online. The poor guy thinks he’s getting in a serious workout, but he’s about to become the clown everyone else thinks is so hilarious. You know what’s really scary? That guy—or girl—could be you or me, or any gym greenhorn, adventurous exerciser, or person willing to try something challenging or new. Not everyone is born with an innate sense of how to do exercises properly, and some movements are much more difficult to master than others. It’s time to stop judging and start learning. With that in mind, here are nine exercises or families of movements that nearly everyone has struggled to do correctly. Know them, study them, and practice them, because not only do you want to save yourself from potential injury and wasted effort, you do not want to be the subject of someone else’s funny video. To read more click here!