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The Precor SCL® 835 far exceeds the status quo and invites you to step up to
an experience that will delight. Made from durable, high-performance parts
and tested beyond industry standards, the StairClimber is built for reliability.
The thoughtful design prevents sweat, dirt, and fluid ingress to deliver an
ultra-smooth operation and effective cleaning in a single pass. It invites
exercisers to step on and off with ease, exercise with confidence, and stay
motivated with engaging content.

Product Features
Dynamic Step Control
The Dynamic Step Control™ system, with an industry-leading tolerance
of +/- 0.5 steps per minute, ensures an accurate, consistent step
rate, whether slow or fast, for exercisers of all sizes.
Low Maintenance Step Chain
To decrease downtime, service panels can be removed in under one minute
to easily access internal components. Constructed of high-strength steel,
the 428 O-ring motorcycle step chain requires no planned maintenance –
simply inspect annually. Clean and lubricate only if needed.
Tested Beyond Industry Standards
The StairClimber has exceeded industry standards, withstanding over
30 different tests, conducted over 10,000 hours in the lab and field for
reliability that operators can trust.
Motivating Workouts
Geographically-inspired milestone workouts entice exercisers to climb 30
well-known landmarks like the Empire State Building, or the Great Pyramid.
Customizable and pre-programmed HIIT workouts designed specifically
for the StairClimber offer additional motivation.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 59 x 31.7 x 84 in / 150 x 81 x 213 cm
Equipment Weight: 375 lb / 170 kg
Power: 120 volt, 15 amp circuit
Recommended Ceiling Height: 9 ft 9 in / 3 m
Total Workouts: 10
Step Height: 8 in / 20 cm
Step Dimensions (D x W): 11 in x 20.8 in / 28 cm x 53 cm
Step Rate Range: 20 to 165 steps / minute (SPM)

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