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The RBK 635 recumbent bike features the P31 console and a step-through design to appeal to a wide range of exercisers. The simple seat adjustment allows the user to change the position of the seat with one hand, either on or off the bike. A ventilated air flex seat provides exceptional comfort. This bike is a cost-effective option for a broad range of environments such as corporate gyms, apartment complexes, and fire departments.

Product Features
1. P31 Console
Finally, an LED console that works harder for you, your servicers,
and your exercisers. Get integrated asset management to
supercharge your service techs with extra information, right at
their fingertips. Exercisers will enjoy the well-placed channel or
volume change controls. The black color on the P31 looks great
across the full range of Precor cardio equipment.
2. Step-through Design
Designed for easy entry, the recumbent bike has a step-through
design (14 in / 36 cm wide) with a low step-over height (4 in /
10 cm).
3. Air Flex Seat Back
The custom-designed air flex seat features a ventilated panel and
unique suspension system for a cool, cushioned ride.
4.Seat Adjustment
The simple seat adjustment allows the exerciser to change the
position of the seat with one hand, either on or off the bike.
5. Ease of Maintenance
The easy-to-remove shrouds ensure quick access to the beltdrive system for maintenance and servicing without removing the
pedals or crank arms.
6. Pedals
The extra wide pedals comfortably accommodate feet of all
sizes and feature integrated, adjustable straps to ensure proper
pedaling form.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 43 x 21 x 57 in / 109 x 53 x 145 cm
Height with PVS: 63 in / 160 cm
Product Weight: 179 lb / 81 kg
Power: Self-powered
Total Workouts: 12
Resistance Levels: 25
Minimum Watts: 22 (level 1 at 20 RPM)
Maximum Watts: 500 (level 25 at 150 RPM)

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