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Hampton Kettlebells

5Lbs        $12          10Lbs $25

15Lbs      $37          20Lbs $50

25Lbs      $62          30Lbs $75

35Lbs      $87          40Lbs $100

45Lbs      $112        50Lbs $125

60Lbs      $148        70Lbs $172

80Lbs      $197        90Lbs $222

100Lbs    $246

For over 300 years, the Russians have been evolving the Kettlebell to be a brutally effective tool for developing strength, power and mutant work capacity. Kettlebells returned to America in 2001 and their popularity has grown steadily each year. Hampton now offers a premium quality, Russian classic design, Kettlebell ranging from 5 to 100 pounds to match the needs of the rapidly growing army of Kettlebell enthusiasts for home or health club use. Grab the handle of true “old school” training and understand what real functional strength is all about.

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