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Do Cheat Days Work? The Cheat Day Cheat Sheet

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about cheat days. Mainly, I’ve been getting asked if they actually work.

The short answer is YES, they do. I’ll explain why later in the article. But for now, the important thing to know is that, if done correctly–for example, the Feast/Fast model–taking a planned day off from your diet can help you lose fat much, much faster. In fact, I believe it so much that I have the cheatiest cheat days around.

I’ve become known for my love of such days. And so today, instead of talking to you about my favorite foods, I thought I’d just give you a break down that can serve a few purposes.

Firstly, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to cheat, this post will help you decide if it’s for you; please note that his particular point is made in a different manner in my article defending cheat days, so you should check that out, as well.

Secondly, if you do decide to use cheat days, you may find yourself in the position of being asked why you use them and how this works.


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