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Calorie Restricting Diets Slow the Aging Process

While counting calories may not be the best way to lose weight, a new studysuggests that it might serve another purpose: to delay the process of aging and age-related conditions like memory loss. Neuroscientists at NYU Langone Medical Center have shown that calorie-restrictive diets (especially those low in carbohydrates) hinder the usual rise and fall in activity levels of about 900 different genes linked to aging and memory formation in the brain. For the study, researchers fed food pellets to female mice (which, like human females, are more susceptible to dementia than males) that had 30% fewer calories than those fed to other mice. They then performed tissue analyses of the mice’s hippocampus, the area of the brain first affected by Alzheimer’s, once they reached middle-to-late adulthood, to evaluate any changes in gene expression over time. To read more click here!