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Bigger Forearms, Stronger Grip: 7 Exercises You Need to Be Doing

As I’ve progressed in my training over the years, almost every part of my body has grown bigger: shoulders, chest, traps, biceps…you get the point.

Except for my forearms.

Several years into training, they were barely larger than when I first started out, and this, of course, could not stand. In my quest to build the ultimate, well-proportioned physique, I vowed to unlock the secrets of forearm training, whatever it took. 

And I succeeded (after a lot of research and self-experimentation). Let’s start at the beginning.

The Human Forearm Does More Than I Ever Realized

Your forearms contain at least twenty different muscles, which get used in pretty much every motion you could possibly perform with your arms.

First off, you’ve got your digit flexors and extensors.

These, along with your hand muscles, cause your fingers to clench and unclench……


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