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7 Savvy Practices of Olympic Winners That You Can Use

I’m kind of obsessed with the habits of elite runners.

In my wildest dreams I don’t desire to compete with them. Except once in a dream where Kara, Shalane and I ran hand in hand through a finish line bursting into dance afterwards {yes dance!}….but that’s besides the point!

I know these athletes are doing little things which could help our running beyond just looking at track workouts!

A few examples of what I’ve found that we can learn from outside their workouts:

  • Meb’s post run routine (which I totally try to do)
  • Mantra’s used by elite runners (um yes I use them, see snapchat!)
  • Benefits of thinking like an elite runner

I can’t believe Rio is finally here! I’m beyond excited to watch the opening ceremonies and then yes I have full plans to run on my treadmill during the Women and Men’s marathons!! (total run nerd and I’m fine with that)


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