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6 Yoga Poses To Give You More Energy & Ignite Your Creativity

This chakra is located in your lower abdomen, between your navel and genitals. Its main functions are pleasure, emotions, and creativity. Repressing any of these functions can result in lethargy, addictions, an inability to cope with change, and depression. Physical ailments can include back pain, sexual dysfunction, and urinary and kidney infections.

Beyond nurturing your body with healing touch (massage or reiki) and becoming more aware of your emotions and needs, the poses below will open your sacral chakra.

First, make sure that your body is properly warmed up with a flow sequence. Do 5 to 10 sun salutations, integrating a vinyasa (exhale to chatarangua or knees/chest/chin, inhale to upward-facing dog or cobra, and exhale back to downward-facing dog) between each.

Now, let’s move on to the poses!

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