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5 Ways to Spark New Muscle Growth

Feeling frustrated that your body seems to have hit the “pause” button on your muscle and strength gains? If you’ve been following the same training split for a few months, it’s possible that your body has adapted to your regimen and stopped changing. Basically, your body is lazy. It will do everything it can to adapt to a stimulus so it doesn’t have to work hard. After you pass the beginner phase, during which your body has no idea what you’re doing to it, it’ll begin to recognize your training and modify itself just enough to perform your workouts. If your body knows what’s coming, it’ll take the easy route to get through it. The key to overcoming plateaus like this is variation. Stress your muscles into growing and getting stronger by changing your workouts. Need more specific advice? These Cellucor athletes have a few tricks up their sleeves. Here are five ways they vary their training regimens to ensure consistent gains! To read more click here!