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5 Ways to Guarantee a Great Workout!

Every time you set foot in the gym, you have an opportunity to step closer to your fitness goals. Nearly everyone who hits the training floor thinks they’re on the road to progress, but many trainees just spin their wheels at the gym, and an unfortunate few actually move backward because of overtraining, poor form that results in injury, or diet and nutrition habits that are counterproductive to making big-time gains. Alas, intent doesn’t necessarily translate into results. “Leaving nothing to chance” means performing at your best day-in and day-out. And I’m not just talking about your performance during a workout. Motivation and preparation are paramount to winning daily battles, not just against the weights, but against temptation, cravings, and negative influences. Take a look at how five Cellucor-sponsored athletes prepare for their training. These actions and attributes are essential to exceptional results. To read more click here!