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5 Sneaky Reasons Why You’re Not Losing The Weight You Want.

“I got on the scales, and … nothing,” a frustrated client will occasionally tell me. When you fully commit to something, you expect consistent results. Unfortunately, fat loss isn’t so linear. Your body is a chemistry lab, not a bank account, and the calories-in-calories-out model is woefully outdated because it doesn’t account for hormonal fluctuations and other variables that can affect fat loss. During almost three decades as a nutrition and fitness expert, I’ve encountered plenty of folks struggling with what I call “weight loss resistence.” I coined this term to describe people who, despite their best efforts, can’t consistently lose weight each week, despite doing everything “right.” If you’re eating clean and doing everything else correctly but aren’t getting the fat loss results you want or need, consider these five often-overlooked obstacles that often create weight loss resistance. To read more click here!