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5 Beastly Arm Routines

Who knows arm training better than the experts in the forums? Five posters have shared biceps and triceps regimens that can make your pipes professional grade!

When your wimpy cousin—or granny, or anyone else—asks you to flex your muscles, which muscle do you choose? Of course, you whip that elbow up, crank your pumped biceps for all they’re worth, and growl like a beast from some medieval dungeon. Or do you? If you don’t have the size, shape, or confidence you want in your biceps, then do something about it! Train to gain, eat to grow, and commit to the iron lifestyle. If you make training part of your existence, you can’t help but transform. Adopt the mantra “I lift, ergo I am,” and you will see results. Use these five tried-and-true workouts from’s hallowed forums to build strength and size in your favorite muscles. Follow the path others have forged, and you won’t get lost. There are a lot of exercises in this stack you may not be familiar with, so be sure to consult the Exercise Database, for safety and instruction, and to avoid looking the fool in the weight room.

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