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4 Ways to Banish Food Guilt For Good

I used to be enslaved by the “perfect” fitness mindset, championing clichés like “Eat clean, train dirty” and “Make sure to eat within 30 minutes of your workout.” My desire for perfection controlled my thoughts, emotions, and actions. Everything I did—from eating smelly tuna in the middle of class to travelling with prepacked, perfectly portioned meals—was in the best interest of my fitness results, or so I thought. Social life, be damned! Cheat days? No way! I was determined to own that six-pack. One mistake would ruin my day and make me feel like a failure. Soon, food-induced guilt took over my life. When I wasn’t micromanaging my food intake and timing, I agonized over my food choices and punished myself emotionally for giving in and indulging on those cookies. What’s worse, no matter how I looked on the outside, I became a stressed-out recluse with low self-esteem. I eventually saw my food guilt for what it was: an unhealthy obsession. It took a lot of time to rid myself of this mentality and overcome food guilt, but when I did it, I finally felt like I could live and enjoy life’s valuables experiences with friends and loved ones. If this sounds like you, there is a way out. When guilt begins to flood my thoughts, I use one of the five approaches below to take back control. Use these approaches to grab the reins of your life back from food guilt. To read more click here!