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25 Must Try Medicine Ball Exercises

Time to get schweddy with some balls! Medicine balls, that is. Available in varying sizes and weights (some up to 150 pounds!), these weighted spheres can help improve muscular power and sports performance . The balls can be thrown and caught (don’t try that with a dumbbell!) making for explosive medicine ball movements that can improve overall athletic ability . Plus, they’re super old school. Hippocrates used sand-filled animal skin pouches to help patients recover from injuries almost 2,000 years ago (clearly he was on to something). When choosing a weight, pick a ball that’s heavy enough to slow the motion (slower than if you weren’t using any weight at all), but not so heavy that control, accuracy, or range of motion take a hit (or the poor guy next to you). For each move, aim for 10 to 15 reps—or as many as you can do with good form. And don’t miss the full-body workout below that puts some of these moves together. Ready? Let’s go balls to the walls! To read more click here!