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10 Dynamic Warm Up Exercises to Prime You For Your Workout

Let’s just go ahead and say it: Nobody likes warming up. It’s that awkward period of time between arriving at the gym and starting the workout you actually want to do. It’s often somewhat boring and time-consuming and not nearly as “intense” as you want your workout to be, but it’s incredibly important. In fact, the warm-up is probably the most overlooked aspect of just about everyone’s training regimen. For example, I made a recent trip to a larger corporate gym, and over the course of 90 minutes, I didn’t see a single person warm up. Here’s what the normal routine looked like: 1. Enter the gym and assess surroundings. 2. Walk around for a bit listening to music or chatting with people. 3. Head straight to the dumbbell rack or bench. 4. Do a couple of toe touches and arm swings. 5. Start throwing weight around. We all laugh because we’ve either seen it or done it ourselves, but the warm-up actually serves a crucial purpose. To read more click here!