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10 Beginner Fitness Mistakes You Will Never Make Again

I love the old saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” It can be applied to countless instances in life, but it rings especially true when talking about smart exercise and proper nutrition. It’s a great day when someone decides to buck the statistics, reject the easy path, and throw themselves into the challenge of getting strong and healthy, but that’s just the beginning. Building the foundation of a fit life takes weeks—months, even—of hard work, and your enthusiasm can often work against you. Luckily, there’s nothing new under the fluorescent lights of the gym. Every mistake you could possibly make has been made a thousand times before, and you can learn from the past—if you’re willing. The following ten mistakes have dashed far too many beginners’ fitness dreams on the rocks. But not yours! This time, you’re going to recognize these mistakes for what they are and keep sailing right on by. To read more click here!